Compostable Single-Use Facemask

Designed for businesses and individuals still required to use disposable PPE but would rather choose a more environmentally friendly facemask. Boost your brand and show your clients that you take responsibility your company’s single-use waste with ecodefend’s green facemask ear loops. Comfortable, protective, and safe – everything you’d expect from a top-quality facemask but unlike the others, they leave behind ZERO microplastics.

  • Tested for environmental impact.
  • Tested for user safety.
  • Tested for user comfort.
  • Suitable for medical and daily use.

BOX of 50 WEIGHT: 0.35kg
BOX DIMENSIONS: 19 x 10 x 9cm

Help pioneer Australia’s first fully compostable single-use facemasks and show your business is serious about climate change.

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Eco Defend masks will be available to purchase soon.

By investing in climate-conscious consumables like Eco Defend’s groundbreaking facemask, you could help build a future where profit and purpose unite and prove that doing well goes hand-in-hand with doing good.

In exchange for your interest, in considering a new, more climate-conscious way of buying PPE, we want to reward you by offering you an early-adopter discount.

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Eco Defend Masks Are...


  • Blocks bacterial contamination.
  • Light and breathable- no headaches and brain fog
  • Specs wearer friendly.
  • Prevents brain fog.
  • Skin friendly – prevents mask-acne.
  • Prevents peculiar odours.
  • Dustproof & Splashproof.

These masks are incredible.  Often biodegradable products lose something in the quality, presentation or usability but these masks are even better than the normal option.

They are easier to breathe in, look and feel great and I am so happy someone has finally managed to develop a completely biodegradable mask.

They should be the only masks allowed to be used – the waste created by face masks is unacceptable now that such a great quality alternative is available.

Tara Whitney

Business Owner


(*Better than standard disposable facemasks)

    • Leaves behind ZERO microplastics.
    • Biodegrades in 180 days in industrial composting conditions.
    • Breaks down into free organic matter.
ppe testing and reports


  • Protect your company’s brand as a values-led, climate conscious business.
  • Prove to your customers and potential stakeholders that you do more than virtue signal when it comes to making green promises.
  • Be a leader in culture change towards a more sustainable planet.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with inevitable government climate legislation.

Support Eco Defend and Claim Your Exclusive Rewards

Eco Defend are currently taking mask pre-orders and for a VERY limited time are offering exclusive rewards for businesses who are ready to step up as leaders in the eco-space.

Could that be you?

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  • A 10% lifetime discount for the compostable facemask purchases.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between biodegradable and compostable?

Biodegradable is often used in greenwashing (pretending a product or company’s “green” credentials are better than they are) as all it means is a product that breaks down. ALL products break down… eventually. What’s important is how long something takes to break down and what it leaves behind when it does.

A standard disposable facemask can take around 450 years to break down, and even when they seem gone, nasty microplastics are left behind which never fully decompose.

By comparison, Ecodefend’s compostable facemasks can take as little as 180 days to fully decompose (see below for disposal instructions) leaving nothing behind but harmless organic material.

How do I dispose of my Ecodefend facemask?

If you’re in Tasmania or SA, then you can simply dispose of them in your green FOGO bin. But for everyone else’s who are waiting for their state to catch up with national waste management legislation (which we predict won’t take long), Ecodefend don’t want you missing out on stress-free disposal, so contact our office and we’ll invest our own time and money in making sure you can dispose of your masks for free too.

And if all else fails, then Ecodefend’s masks can go in the normal waste. This is less preferred to industrial composting as methane gas is released into the environment. But we are still confident that the carbon footprint of this disposal method is around half that of standard masks. Plus, we know it will take a vastly shorter amount of time than the 450 years of other masks (exact duration to be confirmed) and still leave behind no microplastics. Every little helps, right?

How is Ecodefend different from other companies?

Ecodefend was started by a nurse, so you can be sure that the usability and comfort of the mask is excellent. She knows how it feels to wear masks during long, exhausting shifts. You can also be certain of the amount of effort that has gone into the testing of the mask to ensure it’s suitable for all industries, even healthcare (contact her for full testing reports).

We also care deeply about education and awareness around waste management, recycling, and sustainability, and are on a mission to change industry for the better. This means we’ll work with you and do everything we can to make your transition to compostable masks as seamless, simple, and inexpensive as possible.

What is the delivery turnaround and costs for your products?


Is Ecodefend planning on creating more products?

Yes! The compostable facemask is only the beginning. We plan to have a much wider range of sustainable healthcare and PPE products. Watch this space, or sign up to our newsletter to stay informed of new products.