The world’s first single use, 100% plant based, compostable, surgical face mask 

our masks leave zero trace 

 Designed in Australia, by an Australian health care worker, our masks break down within 180 days and are more comfortable and safer for the wearer.  We care about the health of people, the health of the environment, and the health of your business.

Our facemasks leave behind zero microplastics.  You read that right.  Zero.  That’s because there is no plastic in them. Zero. That means every bit of our masks is compostable, including the nose piece and the elastic straps.  They also come with anti fog foam for those who wear glasses and yes, you guessed it, also 100% compostable with no plastic. 

There’s others on the market but none that are 100% compostable.  Approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and patented, our masks provide with a unique opportunity to ensure your business is ahead of the curve.  By investing in climate-conscious consumables like Ecodefend’s groundbreaking facemask, you’re building a future where profit and purpose unite and prove that doing well goes hand-in-hand with doing good.

single use facemask discarded every minute

In the height of COVID, 3 million masks were discarded every minute, each one taking up to 450 years to biodegrade, and each releasing microplastics into our fragile ecosystem.

A dire contribution to the climate crisis and an ominous forecast:

250,000 extra deaths annually by 2050 from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and heat stress.

Ecodefend’s masks are different.

How can less climate-harmful PPE help your business?

Build Your Company’s Brand Image and Reputation

Today’s consumers are expecting brands to be more climate conscious. In fact, 90% of Gen X consumers said they’d be willing to spend an extra 10% or more for sustainable products, compared to just over 34% two years ago. It’s clear that customers expect their brands to be greener and 82% of shoppers will vote with their wallet if they don’t feel that a brand aligns with their values. What ethics are your company’s facemasks demonstrating to your customers?

90% of Gen X said they would spend 10% more for sustaintable products
82% of shoppers vill vot with their wallet if the brand doesn't align with their values
64% of millennials consider a companys social and envrionmental committments when deciding where to work

64% of millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work. In an environment where jobseekers have more power and more choice, will you lose top talent to greener employers?

Consumers and the media are shifting blame for the climate crisis away from individuals and towards businesses. Be among the first to adopt compostable PPE and not only prevent your reputation from being scapegoated, but emerge as a green leader actively doing your part to help combat climate change.

Many funding streams prefer businesses that show excellence in managing environmental and social factors. 83% of investors believe a company’s ability to do so either improve returns or reduces risk. Can your business afford to lose out on potential investments?

Customers know when you’re just virtue signalling

Consumers aren’t stupid. They know the difference between a business making empty “greenwashing” promises, and one that’s serious about creating culture change.

Setting green targets and writing climate change policies is not the same as taking REAL action and your customers knows it. They expect a business’s actions to line up with their promises

Show you’re an influencer of culture,
not just a follower

Collaborating with sustainable suppliers will unleash innovative technologies and greener value-chains into the mass-market faster. Lead the change in business, influencing customer behaviours and shaping a sustainable culture. Do you want to be first or last to adopt products that are better for the environment?

Stay ahead of legislation change

Embrace the winds of change in business. Plastic bags and single-use cutlery are history. Petrol and diesel are on their way out. Governments tighten the noose on harmful products with relentless new targets. The era of responsibility has arrived, and monetary fines loom large for those who don’t comply.

Two paths lie ahead: 1) Seize the initiative, manage regulation risk now, and lead the charge, or 2) Pay the price later with costlier catch-up strategies. The choice is yours. Act decisively or risk falling behind.

Ecodefend’s obsession is eradicating single-use micro-plastic health products across industries. We take our mission to heart, crafting Australia’s FIRST fully compostable facemask

You needn’t share our fanaticism, but if environmental health AND business success matters to you, then consider joining us in choosing compostable facemasks.

Jemimah Ashleigh Business Coach supports Eco Defend



“I travel a lot for my job and recently used Ecodefend’s facemask for the first time on an 8-hour international flight. It was the first time ever I’ve used a mask and felt comfortable the entire time. I genuinely felt like I could breathe easier and I know I’m helping save lives and not ruin the environment.”

Jemimah Ashleigh (Business Coach)



“What an amazing product! We use so many of these in a day, sometimes for less than 2 minutes wear and the impact on the environment is undeniable. These are comfortable, soft breathable. Can’t wait to support this product some more!”

Elizabeth Mann, Paediatric Doctor

“The mask is most comfortable and doing its job. But most importantly, its friendly to our one and only planet earth!”

Sophia Yi-Ping Shih – Emergency doctor

“When introduced to this mask by Kaitlyn, I was surprised to hear all the information of how it is ECO friendly, it’s so refreshing to know there is someone out there who cares enough. The word will be spread about this wonderful mask, which is comfortable to wear, and nil odours to annoy you.”

Karen Challenger – Paediatric nurse